Michael Fennelly: Life after Hurling with Tony Browne

  • It was rough, it was tough, it mightn’t have been pretty at times. Some of the stuff going on back then, you wouldn’t get away with it now.
  • One big learning curve for me and I’ll never do it again. And that was trying to get on the field when I was injured. Because you don’t get any tap on the back when you play bad or don’t win because of it.
  • It went to a stage where I was being taken off for the club. People thought it was a confidence issue, but it wasn’t.

Michael Fennelly, former Kilkenny Midfielder and Waterford Legend, Tony Browne discuss the highs and lows of their careers, injuries and how the game has evolved throughout their time on the field. The two former Hurlers of the Year give us a great insight into the big days during their playing days and now life as a supporter, rather than a player.

Edited by: Ciarán Gallagher
Music by: This Other Kingdom (“Eye Do Eye”) – listen here.

Michael Fennelly: Life after Hurling with James Woodlock

Michael sits down with Tipperary’s James Woodlock, who he shared many a midfield battle with during a long standing Tipperary Kilkenny rivalry.


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