Conor Devaney

Seanie’s intercounty teammate and Rossies captain Conor Devaney is the next to call into Seanie Mac’s Barbershop to talk about how the Roscommon team has evolved over the years, their current aspirations and some funny stories from the training ground.

The Barber Shop Series – Adrian Marren

Adrian made his debut, the same year as Seanie, in 2005. He has been through the mill with Sligo over the years, capturing a Connacht title in 2007, as one of the highlights. Seanie and Adrian have been up close and personal on many occasions over the last 13 years of their football careers. Adrian sits into Seanie’s barber chair for a little more conversation and a little less jersey tugging.

The Barbershop Series – Tom Parsons

Tom Parsons

Mayo’s Tom Parsons joins Seanie in the Barbershop to get his famous Afro trimmed and talk all about college football, injuries and current aspirations for both players on and off the field.

The Barbershop Series – Sean McDermott

Roscommon footballer Seanie McDermott¬† made his inter-county debut back in 2006. Seanie’s career has seen it all, on the pitch he has been through the ringer with Roscommon, from slogging it out at the depths of Division 4 football to the heights of being crowned Connacht champions in 2010 and 2017. Off the pitch Seanie’s life has also had its battles, the economic downturn effected Ireland greatly, but none more than the West of Ireland.

Seanie changed career back in 2011 when he took up barbering as his trade, he hasn’t looked back, setting up his own business in his home town in September 2017.


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